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Geography Game - Middle East
Educative game that make geographic fun; This game is on Middle East

Tiny Combat 2
Protect HQ from enemy units, shoot enemy units to neutralise them and collect supplies dropped by pa…

By wacking the moles you get points, try to get the final score 25.

Massive Attack
Defense castle using mouse and evertually build powerful defense for your castle!

TGFG Race Game
Collect the lightning symbol for accelerated speed

This is a complex 3D puzzle game of pattern matching

Kill Santa
Pick your weapons and kill the Santa!

Slamdunk Anime Game
Play a game of basketball on your desktop

Cyber Mice Party
lead the mice to the tasty cheese

Udder Madness
Milk the cows before the explode

Shoot the zombie clown - be careful, they can continue to shoot even if you have blown off their hea…

Nose Picker
Choose your nose !

This is a snake clone!

Wild Wild West
Protect the town from outlaws in this wild west game - reloading your gun is a bit tricky. Well illu…

Alien Invasion 2
Fly straight into horde of alien crafts and destroy them all with your weapons!

Clip all the tiles to the transparent side to clear the level

Virtual Cop
Play as Virtual Cop in this shooting game to stop crime

Kindergarten Killer
Get inside the kindergarten and shoot down those pesky little kids with your shotgun

Crazy Koala
Recover the lost birds by piloting the spray can

CTD2: Overkill!
A funny game that you crash T-Bone into dumbass.

Grampa Grumble Arm Wrestling
Click on the button at appropriate time to increased your strength

Shootgun Skeet
Another sport event where you will have the choice from 1 of the 4 game characters

Lawn Pac
You are in charge when grandmum is not around. You have to use the limited fuel that you have in the…

Manage building and pilot your Star Wars spacecraft to fight against the evil Empire!

Crazy Coffer V.0,1
A Siman Say clone with nice graphic

Grundo's Snow Throw
Make a snow ball and hit the polar bear.

Play a young Samurai in this game to avenge the death of your master

AO-War On Iraq
Use your AK machine guns on the Iraqi Terrorists in this shooting game

Frogit 2
Guide the frog with directional keys to eat bugs and move to next pond/level within time permitted

Dragon Stick Z
This is a street fighting game using stick figures BUT technique and combos from the Dragonball Z an…

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