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Crazy Koala
Recover the lost birds by piloting the spray can

Blob Wars
Chess like game featuring cute Blob as the pieces

Ultimate Billiards
Play billiard - however, you only have limited time before the bomb detonated

Island Cup Crab Race
Guess which crab will wins the race.

Shoot the coconuts before it fall on the ground

The Web Race
Use the Left and Right button to steer the sail

Dog Game
Collect bones as many as you can before time runs out.

Mini Wave
Miniboat racing, more fun than bike racing

Itai's Racing Track
race against 2 other computer control opponents in this racing game

Digininja beta v1.0
Kill the enemy ninja in this Digi Ninja game

This is the introduction to Banja

Sheep Cull
Try to hit 50 sheeps with your 50 bullets

Moon Rider
Solo Bike racing game that take place in the night

Virtual Cop
Virtua Cop is sent to take care of a brak-in at the Bank

Snowboard Challenge
Compete in the snowboard challenge.

Fish Hunter 2
Improved version of the Fish Hunter game - play a pre-historic caveman in hunting fish using spear

Really fast pace first person shooter with mission to stop the terrorists from getting the time trav…

Test your matching skill by matching puzzlse into correct places

Shoot the teletubbies but not the cow!

Skijump 2001
Try to get the record distance of 1515m in this ski game

Gun Run
Upgrade your gun and proceed further into the robotic enemies territory!

Turn magical runes into gold and remove them from the playing board. Runes come with different shape…

Nemo's Revenge: The Quest for the Lost Pearl
You are captain Nemo and your mission is to retrieve a pearl or else will be stuck on bottom of sea …

Move the truck and cars around so that you race car can go through

Art Of War
try to defend your outpost for as long as possible

Willy's Wild, Wild West
Quick Draw! Shoot the bandit before it did - very cute cartoon illustration

War Games
This is a war games using paintball gun - you have to go against 3 opponents in each levels.

The Chainsaw
Wear a skeleton mask and go around chainsaw the worker

Viper's Reef Scuba Training
Underwater adventure - you will have to get to the end quickly before running out of oxygen

The Legend Of Hiro
Adventure of Hiro

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