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The Indian Shikar
Just point and shoot the tiger.

Dread Rock
Climb the cliff with limited tools

Your mission is to rescue 118 russion marines from the sunken submarine KYPCK using the LR5 mini sub…

Bell Boys
Help the bell boy to deliver their orders to the right floor by controling the elevators

Squirrel Golf II
There is no golf ball in this golf game. A squirrel is use instead!

Kill the Boss
This is a simple stick-man fighting game.

Mosquito Blaster
Use the spray and don't get bited by the mosquito

Motocross Champions
Handle the bike and perform stunt over the track

Downhill Adventure
Sled downhill and avoid bumping into obstacles

Amazing Golf Pro
Another mini golf with qeird control

King Pin Bowling
One of the best bowling game make in Flash

Santa Fighter
Santa fighting game

The objective is to raised all clock as quickly as possible

Jungle Master
Collect more fruits and get into the next level

Solitaire game where the objective is to remove all buy 1 piece

105 Fish In A Barrel
105 only the BLUE fish in this game - it is much harder that it sound!

Targets practice with 3 locations to choose from. Realistic photo maps.

3D Reversi
This is the normal reversi game. However, the graphic is 3D which make it unique

Rigelian Hotshots
Control the fireball and attack all targets

Zombie Terror
Play Indiana Jones in this whip swinging adventure

Side Scrolling fighting game with Matrix characters

Graveyard of Drunken Souls
You get to choose one of the funny hat to customise your character before the game start. Once the g…

Super Hacky Sack
Pick one of the 4 characters available and keep the ball in the air as long as possible

Park A Lot
Park your car as quickly as possible in style

(Bike) Wheelers
Ride the bike and race around the track

Type Masta
type as fast as possible in this typing game

UFO 101
Learn to fly the newly purchased UFO

Ball Bounce
The aim of this game is to bounce the ball to the other side of the level

Push It
Very similar to the famous Japanese game of Sokoban where you have to puch block into its designated…

Trzy Kubki
Guess the position of the object from the 3 cups

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