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Super Mario Revived
Collect coins and avoiding hits from the monster character in this Mario game

Hangman clone that hand a Kangaroo instead

Shoot your enemies before they shoot you. You have to reload your gun after every 5 shot.

Snowball Warrior
Beat all opponents to dominate the snowball war in Snowball Warrior

Play 3D baseball on your PC

Whack a Beast
Neopets version of whack a mole classic game

Lunar Command
remake of the classic Lunar Command game - protect the moon bases from missiles

Super Soccerball 2003
Soccer practise in the backyard

Mood Match
A 6x6 memory game

100 Maniax
There are about 10 puzzles in this collection. Each puzzle have 30 pieces

"Collapsed" clone - just click on the group of blocks with same colour to remove them

Keep the wooden block away for 2 minutes

Jungle Escape
Escape from the Jungle

The Mah-Jongg Key
Remake of the classic Shanghai game with excellent tile set

The Shoot Out
First person shooter with night vision

Crazy Relax
Racing game with 3 unique car to choose from

Homerun Rally
It is the pircher versus the batter in this baseball game

Doc Ock Rampage
Destroy everything in sight. Show no mercy!

Flower Frenzy
Align at least 3 flowers vertically or horizontally.

Spore Cubes
Explode cubed by clicking on groups of same-colored cubes.

Shoot The Melon
The only objective of this game is to shoot the melon target as quickly as possible for maximum poin…

Bushido Fighters
Play in the Training Session and when you have master the moves, join the "Deadly Combat" …

Bush Shootout
Play as George Bush and shoot down terrorists invading the white house.

Save batwoman from the villains.

Attack of Infections
Fly your ship around the planet shooting down ugly and strange aliens.

Tetrollapse Light
Another alone of the classic Tetris game

Wild West Quick Draw
Draw before the opponent does so this town will have you as their new sheriff.

try to hit the clays as they fly past the screen. You only have 2 shots per pair of clays!

Crazy Boxes
Click on the box to change the targetted box and its surrounding boxes

Lizzie McGuire Turbo Racer
Race around the bedroom in training or arcade mode

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