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Le Casse Dents
Funny clone of the classic Arkanoid game - now you have to break all the tooth to advance a level

3 Finder
Spot and match the required pattern before time run out

Loki & The Catinvaders
Help Loki defend against the CAT-invader

Memoria Animal
Very cute memory game using comic tiles

Brave Sword
Medieval style fighting game

Simba's Pride - LK2
Help Kiara save Kovu from the fierce crocodile

Ponky is a special car that can jump over any obstacle. However, jumping will slow it down a little

Birds Of a Feather
A slot game with 6 columns and 3 reels

PMG Racing
Select from 4 vehicles in this racing game

Memory Trial
Memory game where you have to flip the same pair of cards to remove them from play

Police Sniper
You are the sniper in the police force

Frog It
Help the frog cross the road without being run over.

Invasion 2196
Protect earth from alien invasion in this space shooting arcade

Princess Maker 4
Another Dance to the beat game with characters from the Princess Maker 4

Click and rotate the tile in attempt to re-arrange the number 1 to 16

Monkey Lander
Play as the Monkey and collect tasty fruits and land the craft smoothly to avoid a crash. Watch out …

Megaman Project X
Play this all time classic from Capcom

Bugs Are Coming
Move your mouse to control the ball

Flash Halo ETF
Capture the enemy's flag and race back to base before enemy do the same

Relation Mayonnaise
Dress up the naked girl

Move the animals to the spacecraft tiles

Bug Splat
Splat the bud again and again until it is totally dead

Wrath II
Play the role of God and achieve Megadeath by any means as fast as possible

Firing cannon onto the sky, hit 35 planes to clear a stage

Air Hockey
Play air hockey from your desktop

Breakfast Brawl
Boxing Game against your breakfast!

Thirty Second Monkey Hunt
Hunt down as many monkey as you can in 30 seconds

Play Hexxagon against friend or the computer AI

Rock Paper Scissor
Choose either one and see if you can defeats your opponent.

Control alloy to attack the enemies. Find out about combo move for maximum damage and score

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